Our writing process at Harlesden Primary School

At Harlesden we follow Pie Corbett’s Talk for Writing model which teaches writing in three phases:

Imitation- Getting to know the text type. Exposure to model text (and other examples of this text type), understanding key vocabulary, creating a toolkit for this type of writing, learning key phrases or words from this text type that can be ‘magpied’.

Innovation- Having a go at writing the text type with plenty of scaffolds available. Using the model text as your frame and making some changes.

Example: Writing the beginning of a story only- we are going to change the setting and the main character. We could still keep the language structures- once upon a time etc.

Invention- Having a go at writing the text type independently and being given freedom to choose changes.

Children should still be encouraged to use language structures from the model text, vocabulary they learnt and gathered during the unit, opportunities to plan and draft, opportunities to talk about their ideas with others.

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